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Below you will find all of the upcoming card decks here at Mechanical which are either complete (made but haven't been released) or incomplete (work in progress). Any decks that have been listed here are no longer subject for claiming or donation.

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Ayay 10


Color Deckname #/$
Acrobunch Search of the Great Treasure (acrobunch-searchofthegreattreasure) 30/1


Color Deckname #/$
Baldios The Lonely Pursuer (baldios-thelonelypursuer) 30/1


Color Deckname #/$
Daltanious Rise From the Flames of War! (daltanious-risefromtheflamesofwar) 30/1


Color Deckname #/$
Dunbine The Aura Battlers (dunbine-theaurabattlers) 30/1


Color Deckname #/$
Sasuraiger The Game of the Century (sasuraiger-thegameofthecentury) 30/1

Voltes V

Color Deckname #/$
Voltes V Invaders From Space (voltesv-invadersfromspace) 30/1


Color Deckname #/$
Xabungle I Lived By Risking My Life (xabungle-ilivedbyriskingmylife) 30/1


Color Deckname #/$
Argevollen Encounter (argevollen-encounter) 30/1

Buddy Complex

Color Deckname #/$
Buddy Complex Encounter (buddycomplex-encounter) 30/1

G Gundam

Color Deckname #/$
G Gundam The Gundam Fight Begins! (ggundam-thegundamfightbegins) 30/1